Instytut Kultury



On 10 January 2002, a ceremonial concert inaugurated a new concert hall after nearly 20 years of effort. Stefan Strahl commenced construction of the new site.

In 1985, a provincial investment evaluation commission positively assessed technical-economic grounds for the expansion of sites belonging to the State Symphony Orchestra and the Provincial Public Library. Andrzej Grudziński was the designer. The Jelenia Góra provincial governor approved the investment and in 1988 the municipal office in Jelenia Góra issued a permit for expansion of the Philharmonic.

Modernisation of the existing building thereby began. A new chamber hall was built together with reconstruction of the existing concert hall. An entirely new building with a new concert hall was also constructed. On 10 January 2002, music of Lutosławski, Dvorak and Brahms filled the beautiful and modern new concert hall. Jerzy Swoboda was the conductor and Tomasz Strahl symbolically appeared as the soloist. It was his father who began this project, which was continued with immense determination by Zuzanna Dziedzic.